Chairmans Blog

Christmas Update
To keep in step with the rest of the country and the ever changing events of 2020 the Emergency Committee has decided a change of plan is what's wanted! 
To that end the AGM will reach more of you if we do it through email rather than ZOOM.  To facilitate this we intend to send a series of emails in early January covering 
- the annual accounts
- the Chairman's report
- the Treasurer's report
- Comments from the Secretary
- the election of the Club's officials
- a series of questions and answers trying to anticipate any concerns you may have
Please watch out for these emails and hopefully we'll get through this emergency together.
And now for something entirely different!  Whatever the weather, whatever the state of the epidemic you can still enjoy the lottery(s) that Peter runs on behalf of the club.  Please send him you £12's for the January start of Lottery 1 asap. and if you so wish the same amount for the March lottery.  Lottery 2.  If you would like to participate for the first time, or indeed, add another number to your account the good news is there are a few numbers still available.  Please contact Peter regarding the lottery.
All that remains for me to do in 2020 is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Keep well, keep safe
Kind regards
Thought for Christmas:  One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!!
November Update 2
Hi, Its Blog time again
Many of you will have seen the press article concerning possible closure of Leeds City Council managed greens.  Approximately 31 greens are in danger of closure, mainly in west and south Leeds, but clearly at this stage nothing is clear and the affects on various leagues uncertain.
It seems nothing in this world is currently stable so we have to plan as best we can and then react once we know more facts.  
The uncertainty surrounding the position with COVID19 can be given a positive spin with the prospect of the roll out of vaccines.  It's in that vane that some leagues have written to us encouraging us to engage with you to gauge attitude to the 2021 bowling season.  
Michael has recently asked for your preferences on bowling in league teams next year and up to now a significant number of you have responded.  May I ask those of you still to respond to do so as soon as possible so we can gain a picture of how many teams we are likely to run given a "fair wind" and an effective vaccine!
Clearly this is all supposition at the moment, but we do have to plan for what we hope could be a workable solution whatever circumstances prevail.  Thank you for your you help and positivity.
On a completely different subject Peter, our beloved treasurer is after your money!  The fees for the "New" Lottery fall due in January. Please send your £12 to Peter Wood, 20 Lonsdale Meadows Boston Spa Wetherby LS23 6DQ .  (if you are in both although the "old" isn't strictly due yet I'm sure Peter would appreciate the 2 payments together!)
The emergency committee spoke about the AGM at length, the formal notification of the meeting and the issuing of officials' reports will be with you in early to mid January .
Well I think that covers everything for now so all that remains for me to do is to wish you all the very best of seasons greetings, enjoy your family in the best way you are allowed and lets hope for a more relaxed and successful 2021.
Best wishes
Thought of the month:  I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives!
November Update
Me again!  Sorry its so soon since the last one but there's a couple if things I missed, plus a committee meeting I need to tell you about.
Missed items:
#  as we are now closed those of you who borrowed equipment from the club, jacks and mats, please keep them until the start of next season when we should have a clearer picture as to what to do next.
#  the competitions are now completed.  Congratulations go to Veronica Morrell for winning the Carter Trophy and to Richard Widnall for winning the Club Championship, as well of course to the previously named winners, Ken Fletcher, Geoff Shaw and Veronica Morrell - again!
I would like to thank all competitors for making the competitions meaningful and trust you enjoyed the competitive element that we've all missed during these strange times.
The Emergency Committee:
The five members of the emergency committee "met " on Zoom yesterday primarily to discuss our AGM which must be held before end of January 2021.
We agreed a date of 26 January at 2pm to stage our AGM using Zoom.  
Zoom is available to anyone with a computer or any device which will allow you to access emails and therefore the world wide web. If you do not have a camera on your device you can join us on audio only.
One reason for setting this date now is a hope that the less "techie" members my be able to get some practical help and training from younger members of their family!!
I should stress that with so much of next year being on hold until the effects of Covid on bowling are known, the AGM is more a vehicle for wrapping up 2020 rather than looking forward to 2021.  Once we know more, come February or even early March, we will address things like pre-season meeting and league teams.
Cleaning:  I'm sure you'll all join me in giving a big thank you to Jane White and Gill Backhouse for cleaning the pavilion and toilets immediately prior to shut down.  Thank you both.
I think that's all for now so stay safe but not necessarily sober!  Until the next time.
Thought of the week: "Remember, if your attitude is contagious, would I want to catch it!!"
October update 
Given the time of year and the latest Government guidelines it has been reluctantly decided to close the green from Wednesday evening at dusk on 4 November. 
I do hope you have enjoyed the bowling during these unprecedented times.  I thank everyone who has helped make bowling possible during 2020 and look forward to dealing with the challenges ahead.
More blogs as the winter months demand.
Keep well,  keep safe
Thought of the month:  My Mama always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get! "  Forrest Gump
October 2020
I hope you are all keeping well, managing to avoid this awful plague we are still experiencing and coping with life with a big smile!
I thought it timely to update you on a few matters as the season (if you can call it that) draws to an end.  
The green will remain open as long as the weather allows.  Richard is talking into November but clearly if frost starts appearing that will be that.
Its been a joy to see so many of us have enjoyed social bowling and that the competitions were so well patronised.  A huge thank you to Alan Best for organising.  Your committee have agreed that no entry fee will be levied this year.
Its good to see that the matches are coming to a finale and several of the outright winners are known - Veronica Morrell (The Nicholson Cup), Geoff Shaw (The Rabbits Knockout) and Ken Fletcher (The Proctor Cup).  Well done all and congratulations to all finalists.  The remaining two competitions will be played when the protagonists can arrange.   We are hoping to have some sort of presentation later in the year circumstances permitting!
Thinking of later in the year our constitution demands we hold an AGM before 31 January so our latest idea (and really I can't see things changing) is to hold a meeting over Zoom.  For the uninitiated Zoom is a virtual meeting held over the internet.  Anyone with a pc, lap top, tablet or such devise that has a camera installed can take part.  More information to follow as things become clearer.
Well I think that's all for now so keep safe and maintain that smile!
Thought of the month:  Faith is taking the first step even when we don/t see the whole staircase 
September 2020
Well here we are again!  Rules change so its incumbent on your Covid Committee to help you understand what is the current situation.  Here goes:
~ Players from the same household are unquestionably OK to play
~ Players from different households (up to a maximum of 6 within the confines of the green) can play but must be aware that the Government stipulates they would rather they didn't.  Players who do play in such circumstances do so at their own risk and must obtain verbal agreement from all six participants 
~ Observation to distancing measures must be adhered
~ If a jack finishes with 4 metres of another game it is an automatic "Jack Up"
~ The green will remain open whilst weather permits
~ Should anyone have any questions about this situation please contact Jane, or John or myself for clarity.  We will do our best to maintain uniformity.
On a more happier note I would like to thank Sephton Baxter, Billy Shaw, Malcolm Buxton, Geoff Shaw, Steve Richardson for their hard work on Tuesday last when the hedge to the right of the green was trimmed.  (SORRY if I missed anyone).
Its pleasing to see that the competitions are progressing to a finish.  Congratulations to all who are still competing!
Thats it for now
Stay warm and safe.
THOUGHT OF THE MONTH:  If there was no change there would be no butterflies!
August update 

Hi all.

Following on from the latest Government directive the emergency committee has met (via Zoom) and decided the following:

~ A maximum of 6 people will be allowed within the confines of the green from Monday 14 September

~ 3 Jacks will still be allowed but clearly only 2 jacks if one of them is a pairs game.  Please study the booking sheet to ensure you are complying before booking a time


We have decided that a Finals afternoon is no longer possible.  In its place we ask the finalists to organise their own game.  They will be allowed a 2 hour slot of their choosing and should ensure the booking sheet is blocked out accordingly. Additionally they are free to organise an independent scorer and invite a total of 3 supporters as invitees.
This will allow a little atmosphere with a maximum of 6 people within the green and give the flexibility to the players in case the weather is inclement.

Good Luck to all finalists, try and enjoy the occasion and congratulations for getting to the final.

Stay Safe


THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If you don't know how good you are who does? (A family motto)

August update
Hello again.

 Your Covid committee is constantly reviewing the situation and is keen to demonstrate the need to reach some form of normality.  With that in mind we have slightly eased things as follows:

From Monday 31 August  a new maximum of 3 jacks will be allowed on the green.  Strict adherence to a minimum of 4 metres between jacks must be maintained as well as social distance of 1metre + between players.

A maximum of 8 players will be allowed on the green at any time. Allowing 3 singles games or 2 singles games plus 1 pairs game to be played at any one time.

Strict sanitation of jacks and matts before and after games still applies.

A new maximum of 12 people within the area of the green to allow for match scorers and transition of games. No social grouping or visits are permitted.

The toilets and the club house will remain closed for health reasons. There is no practical way of ensuring sanitisation of these areas.

The Scratching shed will remain closed.

Good luck.  Enjoy your games and keep safe.



THOUGHT OF THE MOMENT:  When the wind fails,  row!

August 2020
Hi all, me again.  Just a quick update. It's good to see so many of you playing in our Knock Out competitions.  The rounds are now well underway so please keep the momento going.  A big thank you to Alan Best for his efforts in organising our competitions and just a reminder that Alan has put a list of all telephone numbers on the notice board to facilitate easy communication.
Once again the green looks a picture.  I'd particularly like to thank Billy Shaw and Malcolm Buxton for the help they give Richard on an ongoing basis.  If any of the "old" maintenance crew would like to offer their services Richard would love to hear from you - he still has plenty of work awaiting your input!
Regarding our efforts to stay COVID 19 free, we intend to keep things as they are for the foreseeable future to hopefully maintain our safety and enjoyment.  Please continue to be aware of social distancing, sanitising hands and equipment before and after a game and lets all keep well.
Well that's all for now.
Keep safe, enjoy the weather whilst its here and above all have some fun!
Regards to all
THOUGHT OF THE WEEK:  A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others!
July 2020 Part Two UPDATE
Hello, I hear there is a bit of confusion around our Knockout Singles Competitions.
That being so I'll try and make things clear and encourage more entries.  So, here goes:
The comps will be played under the same strict coronavirus rules that apply at the moment.
1.  Only 2 jacks on the green at any one time
2.  No more than 6 people within the confines of the green at any one time
3.  Social distancing will continue to be the watchword
4.  Hand sanitiser is available 
5.  All facilities will remain closed
The knockout games will be played throughout August and September and even into October if needed. Please organise your game with your opponent, book the time on the booking sheets - if the game is taking more than an hour so be it.  The knockout matches take priority.
I trust that has helped to ease any confusion.  If so GET YOUR NAME DOWN TO JOIN IN.  
We need more entries in the ladies singles and the Rabbits comp.  For definition of a "Rabbit" please see Alan's explanation on the notice board adjoining the entry sheets.  The entries will be closed weekend of 25th July - this coming weekend!
So, lets have a meaningful, enjoyable set of competitions.  
Good luck to all.
Keep safe
THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: ability is what you are capable of doing,  motivation determines what you do,  attitude determines how well you do it!
July 2020 Part Two
Hi, as you will now understand the green has been open for some weeks and hopefully will stay open for a further 3 to 4 months.
By this time our procedures are well honed and safety continues to be our watchword.  Things are tweaked when the Government issues new guidelines but ostensibly we are operating well and enjoying our bowling.
The green is a joy to behold and upwards of 30 members play it each week.  That leaves many hours when the green is empty.  If you have hesitated to come to the green because of coronavirus why not come down now that the lock-down is being eased.  We have various safety measures in place and you can see how they are working.  It would be lovely to see you playing again.  We still have a few jacks left for you to "borrow" until things change.  Just on that if anyone has borrowed a jack and has found they don't need it please return to Jane, John or myself so we can offer it to others.
I look forward to seeing all of you throughout the summer. 
As further encouragement Jane, John and I have discussed with Alan the running of our internal knockout competitions.  Alan has agreed to organise 5 singles events, all subject to present playing conditions and the vagaries of Government policy.  Four competitions will be handicapped: ladies, mens, mixed and rabbits, the club championship is of course off scratch.  Entry forms will be posted on the club notice board this weekend and closing date will be 26 July.  We are hoping that the response is sufficient to make these competitions meaningful.  
If you are thinking of entering any or all of the events please bear in mind that the time to play each round will be much tighter than previous years as we are very late in starting.  We recognise that many of us have more free time than usual so come on!!
As I said above there is currently plenty of unused time slots to get matches played, but if necessary we will find a way of prioritising knockout matches.
I re-emphasise that all matches will be played subject to whatever playing rules, social distancing etc apply at the time.
We don't envisage there will be a finals day this season but it would be lovely to think we could hold a club dinner sometime before the beginning of next season.  Always the optimist!!
Until next time.  Keep Safe.
THOUGHT OF THE "WEEK":  "Whatever comes out of those gates if we work together we will defeat it". Gladiator
July 2020 Part one
Hi, me again.  A little to talk about, so here goes:
Firstly I express our sadness at Bill's untimely death and send our condolences to his family.
I am in receipt of the latest guidance from BCGBA and the YCGBA. The thing what underpins all others is that we are still only allowed 6 people within the confines of the club.  That being the case we do not wish to change much from our present restrictions.
One slight change is that we can now allow a single's match and a pairs match on the green at the same time.  
#  This means still only 2 jacks on the green at any one time - a maximum total of 6 players allowed on or around the green at any one time.
#  Its important we keep the social distancing 2 metres or 1 metre plus mitigation.
#  Additionally if your jack finishes within 4 metres of the other group its a compulsory "jack up"
When visiting the club "on spec" its important you complete the booking sheet so track and trace procedures can be followed should they be necessary - lets hope they aren't!!
Facilities will remain closed but hand sanitation will be available on the porch.  Please use it.
Please remember common sense applies. Players take responsibility for their own actions.
We have accepted 2 new members this week - John Wright and John Lofthouse.  Both have their own equipment and are familiar with the game.  Gents you are welcome.
I am aware that we have a few prospective members but unless they have played before and got their own bowls we cannot admit them at the moment.  Again this is the guidance we have to work with but rest assured as soon as things change we will welcome new members with open arms.
I must stress that guests and visitors are not permitted on the green at this time.
Again I thank Richard and his collection of helpers for their sterling efforts.  We can all see the beauty of the green but last week they cleaned all the machinery and it all looks wonderful  Well done to all.
For those of you who are still isolating we send you are best wishes, hope you are managing these very difficult times and we look forward to seeing you whenever that's possible.
Keep safe
Until next time.
THOUGHT OF THE MONTH:  "shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars"
June 2020 Part Two
Hi, following latest government initiatives there are two changes we'd like to make.
Track and Trace:  Should you go to the green "on spec" and manage to get a game please put your name on the booking sheet so that, should the need arise, it will make tracing people so much easier.  Lets hope that its never needed!
Social Members:  Your "Virus Committee" has agreed to extend the ability to use the green to social members who's spouse is not a full playing member.  For clarity, any social member can play providing they put their name on the booking form and pay their £2's at the end of the season.  Please keep account of the number of times you play therefore using the process as an "honesty box". Enjoy the green, its in great condition.
Recently I have been approached by 3 people wishing to join our club.  I had to tell them that membership is not available at the moment.  As soon as something approaching "normal life" becomes apparent we will open the club to new members.  If you know of anyone or are asked by anyone if the club is taking new members please explain the position and take contact details.  If you wish to forward such details to me I will keep a list.  Thanks
Needless to say the facilities remain closed but please enjoy a game and stay safe.
Jane, John and Barry
Another Thought of the month:  There are many tasks in life that are unavoidable, whether you do them cheerfully or grudgingly is up to you! 

June 2020 Part One

Following the announcement from the government which took effect on 1 June we have had an update issued by BCGBA.
Our take on the recommendations is that safety is our number one priority and bearing in mind the age profile of the club we have decided to continue our cautious approach.  So far things have gone smoothly and a good 25% of us are enjoying friendly games.  For all our benefits its important that we remain virus free so the club can remain open.  
To this end we have decided that a small step to sanity would be welcome in some quarters and therefore can announce that from Monday 8 June two pairs will be allowed on the green at any one time.  Its imperative that we stress PAIRS to ensure social distancing is maintained.  As the players arrive for the next hourly session its important they arrive with only a few minutes to spare so as to avoid up to 8 people being in close proximity at change over.

Club facilities will remain closed.
Thank you for your understanding.
Enjoy your bowling and keep safe.
Kind regards
Jane, John and Barry
Another Thought of the month!  :  "You will find it a distinct help if you know and look as if you know what you are doing"
May 2020 Part two

Hi, just a short report on how the first week of our cautious opening has gone.  I'm delighted to report that upwards of 25% of playing members have taken the opportunity to have a game.

For my part I have visited the green most days to update the booking sheets and my impression is that the system seems to be working with social distancing being observed.

Talking of the booking system an automated system is not going to work. Sorry.  Its largely because our system will not support new software and to buy a stand alone system simply is not viable for the relatively short time it would be required.  Disappointing, but pragmatic! 

In the meantime lets hope for an early release whilst we continue to make the best of what we individually can do in these restrictive times.

Regards to all


2nd Thought of the Month:  "Patience is Passion tamed"   Lyman Abbott


May 2020 Part one

Well, what has Boris done?  Sunday's announcement has gone some way to giving us hope of playing before the summer finishes, but your committee feels that it is still unsafe to open the green for play at this time.  It has been decided to keep the decision under constant review and should the situation change we will be delighted to resume playing - and you will be the first to know!!

In the meantime there is still enough going on to keep me on my toes.  I share with you the latest information and our present situation.

In all clubs and institutions there are always one or two unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes on behalf of the club;  their contribution often goes unnoticed and unrecognised.  We are in the lucky position of having a few such members two of whom I would like to highlight here and now:

        Dave Robinson step forward! Dave has done a tremendous amount of work in moving our web-site to a new administrative system.  This proved necessary as "trouble shooting" issues on the old system were not supported adequately.  Well done Dave, and thank you on behalf of the whole club.

        A similar accolade must be given to David Taylor. David has worked tirelessly to find and correct a fault on the Bowling Club Secretary's email account. Success was finally achieved on Sunday evening so Michael is now back in contact with all and sundry.  Well done David.
Now more mundane matters.  Richard continues to tend the green, with all its inherent issues, so we will be ready to go whenever we are allowed!  Weeds have been sprayed and the grass behind the south shed has been cut.  However,  to finesse the final touches Richard would appreciate help on a Tuesday morning.  Ideally, one person per week would be sufficient and ensure we stick to the rules.  Anyone interested in helping should contact Richard.
Discussions have been had about the possibility of holding the Vets Open this year.  The two options considered were;
   1. To cancel it for 2020

   2. To delay a decision until late in June with a view to holding it in September

Option 2 has been agreed as the way forward.
If anyone wants an excuse for one of their daily exercise options a visit around the exterior and interior of the perimeter of the club would always be a useful exercise.  Should there be any issues please let me know.
I sincerely hope we are all keeping safe and well but should you know of anyone who has the virus or is struggling in other ways please let me know so we may be able to help if necessary.
Finally, I hope you all enjoyed last month's quiz.  Sorry the answers have been a long time coming but Jane has kindly attached them for you edification.
Regards to all


Thought of the month:  Worrying works!  90% of things I worry about never happen.