Q:  Where are you located?

A: We are located in Stables Lane Park in Boston Spa, just beyond the Tennis courts. We have a map here (Map)

Q: What is the difference between Crown Green Bowling and Flat Green Bowling?

 A: Although it’s not immediately apparent when you come onto the Boston Spa green the centre of the green is higher than the sides – this is known as the crown.   Every Crown Green Bowling green has different crowns – some rise very high, some less so and some greens are inclined.  You play in any direction on a crown green. 

Whereas a Flat Green Bowling green has no crown, and you play in a lane parallel to the sides of the green. 

Q:  Is there a ‘Bowling season’?

A:  The Boston Spa club is open from the end of March through to October, subject to weather.   However, once you are an established bowler there are other opportunities to play through the winter outdoors at other local clubs who run ‘winter’ bowling.  

Q:  Is there something special I should wear?

A: Suitable footwear must be worn. Hard or block-heeled footwear, sandals or other open-toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green.  Other than that all you need is comfortable clothes appropriate to the weather which enable you to move easily.  Quite often members who play in teams wear Club coloured shirts and sweaters.

Q:  Do I need any special equipment to play bowls?

A:  Once you have decided it’s a game for you.  Then people usually purchase a set of bowls for their own use

Q:  Can I borrow bowls?

A:  The club has some bowls for general use, but these cannot be removed from the green.

Q:  Are bowls all the same size?

A:  Bowls come in different sizes and density.  It’s important you try various ones to see which best suits you.  You will be guided as to the best fit.  Most people use club bowls in the first instance to test out different sizes before committing to buy a particular weight/size.

Q:  How much is a set of bowls?

A:  To buy new a set of bowls will cost around £100 but we do have a limited number of second hand sets for sale, selling at around £20 to £50. These are advertised on our notice board in  the pavilion.

Q:  How much is membership?

A:  Currently £50 per person per annum – this membership runs from April through to March the following year.    Children are free in first year, nominal charge after first year.

Q:  Are there any other options to having a full membership?

A: You can ‘Pay and Play’ at a cost of £2 per session.   Obviously, this means you can only come onto the green when other members are there.  You can be a social member for £2 per annum and this allows you to vote at the AGM and receive member’s correspondence, but you cannot play socially unless you pay £2 per day.

Q:  Can I play socially?

A:  Yes, when the green is not being used for League and Cup matches or being worked upon. Organised social bowling is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings (10am to noon).  

Once you are a full member of the club you can have a key, which has a refundable charge, to access the green at any time.

Q:  Are there Ladies/Gents only sessions

A: Social bowling is mixed, as are most leagues, however there are two Ladies only teams.

Q:  Can I play competitively?

A:  We play in 7 leagues with 12 different teams. This gives us a mix of standards and abilities – from the beginner to the experienced bowler

Q:  Is there such a thing as children’s woods?

A:  No, butit is possible to buy small bowls.  However, in the first instance young children often learn using a ‘jack’ as it is much smaller than the bowls.

Q:  Can children come to play bowls on their own?

A:  No. Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons children must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian.  

Q:  Does the club provide coaching?

A: Informal coaching is provided but not on a regular basis.