Bowling in Boston Spa

This photograph taken around 1900 shows bowling behind the Royal Hotel (now Costcutters)


The present Bowling Club was formed in the late 1970's. In order to get a grant from Boston Spa Parish Council, it was necessary to obtain at least 40 names of people who believed there should be a Bowling Club in Boston Spa. Charles McEntee was largely responsible for the collection pf signatures. Having got 40 names the Parish Council donated £8000 for the development of the green and the then Wetherby Rural District Council also donated £8000. This was on the condition that club members should come from within the District, hence the condition in the Club Constitution that members should live within five miles of the club.

Charles remembers that the first fees paid in September 1978 as £2 for a joining fee and £8 annually as  a Playing Member.

The first bowls game was played on 8th September 1979. The Club was officially opened in 1980 and the first AGM was on 13th November 1980. Until then the club had been run by a Steering Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr P.J.Squire

The facilities were primitive with the use being made of two railway goods vans, one serving as a pavillion and the other as a tool shed. The toolshed still remains but the pavillion has been replaced with the present pavillion erected in 1989

A view of the green showig the goods van pavillion

After the new pavillion was erected, there were no facilities for visitors there being no sheds around the green and there was no path around the green


There was no irrigation system for the green. It later appeared in front of the short hedge seen behind the two leftmost ladies in the picture below

The irrigation system arrived in 1996

During the winter of 2004 sufficient funds were raised to allow the path around the green to be laid, a grant for part of the funding being provided by Boston Parish Council. A solid path to the green was also constructed together with a path/patio from the gate to the pavilion.

A new entrance gate was bought in 2006 to clebrate 25 years of the club and it was formally opened in March of that year by Russ Byfield

In November 2006 improvements to the edging of the green were made.

During 2012 extensive modifications to the southern shed were undertaken. The funding for the project was part of the legacy to the club from George and Margaret Batty.


Maintaining the green