Club News

 We have a cautious opening of the Bowling Club


Hi all, I pleased to tell you that following the BCGBA recommendation we have found a framework which will allow us to open the green in a constructive, cautious and strict manner on Monday 18 May. Updates to these guidelines are available on the Chairmans Blog page

Before I go any further I must stress that the principle's as laid down by the government MUST be followed

    1.  maintain 2 metres (6 feet) apart at all times as the social distancing demands

    2.  only 2 people can play together 

    3.  those 2 players can be from the same household or with one other person outside your household

    4.  only 2 people will be allowed on the green at any one time

    5.  washing of hands is recommended as soon as is practical 

As a club we are responsible for our members' safety and so it is imperative that we respect each other and stay alert at all times. These rules are strict but it’s for the welfare of the individual and the good of the club per se.   In order to allow members to access their lockers and belongings the Scratching Shed will be available in the usual manner until noon on Tuesday 19 May, where upon it will be locked for the duration along with the toilets and pavilion, so, just to be clear NO facilities will be available!

No spectating or socialising is possible under this guidance. 

Members must be fully paid up playing or social members of Boston Spa Bowling Club in order to play.


A booking form will be introduced, on paper which is on the notice board. This needs to be updated as you see open slots for the week ahead. 

Booking will be by the hour between 10 am and the close at 8pm and players should not arrive at the green more than 5 minutes before their allotted hour.  Each person can book 3 time slots per week (at once) but they should be at  differing playing times.  Should more games be desirable members can "turn up on speck" and if the green is not booked, play for 1 hour or until the next o'clock .  

Jacks,  those with their own jacks (and mats) should use them.  Those without their own can be issued with club jacks (we have yellow, white and a selection of black jacks) which will have to be signed for and retained by the member for the duration of this phase of opening.  Please contact Jane White , John Backhouse or Barry Ibbetson.  We will arrange for you to collect said jack.

Mats,  A few mats are available on the same loan process but it is recommended that you make your own out of a piece of rubber, cardboard, carpeting or anything else that you think is suitable, always bearing in mind protection of the green.

The Green, maintenance will continue under Richard's guidance on a Tuesday morning so the first available playing time on Tuesdays is 12 noon.

 So, in summary:  Only 2 people on the green at any one time

                            No facilities will be available

                            A booking form is now available on the notice board

                            Please respect each other and the club

                            Stay Alert

                            Show great common sense when the situation needs it

                            Have FUN

 Let’s do it!!

 Jane, John and Barry


Extended Pavilion Opening 2019


In early 2019 work began on extending the bowling club’s existing pavilion, to include improved kitchen facilities, a larger meeting area and an enlarged seating area in front of the pavilion.

Ground was broken and utilities rerouted to accommodate the floor slab of the extension which was built by a local contractor, Alec Roberts.

Groundworks 1

Groundworks 2

Following completion of the base the timber frame of the extension was started and completed within a week.  The work was carried out by Chris Wild of FirstRate Joinery

 Woodwork 1

 Woodwork 2

Once done, the main job of fitting out the inside fell to Phil Harrison and Ken Fletcher with various members helping out where possible, the fitting out taking several weeks.

The official opening of the pavilion was held at 2pm on Sunday 11th August 2019 during a bowling Fun Day at the club. The official opening was carried out by Margaret Gardner, who is one of the longest serving members of the club, doing the honours of cutting the ribbon.

 Margaret cutting ribbon



 Viewing Facilities

 Margaret Gardner, Phil Harrison and Ward Councillor Norma Harrington viewing the new facilities.

Pavillion fun day

The new pavilion with a few members enjoying it during the Fun Day and official opening.

A big thank you must go out to several organisations who provided funding for the extension which was provided by;

The George Moore Foundation

Boston Spa Gala

The Leeds City Council Outer North East Community Fund, which is funded via the local Ward Councillors. The funds provided by the community fund were significant and it is now the second project where the club has been supported by the fund.

Various members of the club have supported the work by volunteering their time and effort, in particular the work done by Ken Holt on the front screens of the pavilion, they do look good and also all the painting outside and inside done by Trevor Howard and Geoff Smith.

A special thanks to Ken Fletcher who worked alongside Phil Harrison in organising and doing numerous jobs.

 Members Fun day

The finished pavilion and members at the fun day and official opening.