Elmete Ladies A Team (Martins)

The Boston Martins team entered the Elmete Ladies League in 1996 and joined the third division of the league.

The team consists of 6 players selected from a maximum squad size of 9. The team plays its fixtures on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:45pm.

The team was promoted to the second division in 1997 only to be relegated in 1998 but regained promotion in 1999.

The league reorganised itself into two divisions and although the Martins became part of the first division they were relegated to division 2 in 2003. The Martins quickly regained promotion back to the first division in 2004.

The Martins were relegated again in 2009 but regained promotion again in 2010.

Current Captain: Janet Taylor

Current League: Division 1

Fixtures, Statistics and results can be found on Bowlsnet.uk